Governance Strategy focused on habitat 9370*

Concrete Conservation Actions for Phoenix Palm Groves

This task brings together a series of activities that promote a favourable context for environmental governance, involving public and private actors, with the aim of contributing to the long-term conservation of the palm groves:

  • Regulatory update in the Canary Islands: during the life of the project, the following regional regulations are to be updated: "Order of 29 October 2007 declaring the existence of pests produced by the harmful agents Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier) and Diocalandra frumenti (Fabricius) and establishing phytosanitary measures for their eradication and control"; "Decree 62/2006, of 16 May, establishing measures to promote the protection, conservation and genetic identity of the Canary Island palm tree (Phoenix canariensis)".
  • Voluntary adoption of Codes of Conduct by relevant stakeholders: it is intended to develop a Code of Conduct integrating various sectors such as ornamental plants, agriculture and tourism. The parties adhering to this code will be acknowledged by LIFE Phoenix on the project website and at some of the public events organised. It is expected that at least 6 entities between the two regions will sign up.
  • Dynamisation of the regular activity of the established Working Groups: once a WG is created in each region, they will be activated periodically (at least 1 meeting per year) to communicate the project progress and propose participatory activities (see WP6) with stakeholders and other users.
  • Dynamisation of established participatory networks: this activity will be undertaken by GESPLAN in Gran Canaria and by HSPN in Crete, building on the experience of previous projects. The networks can be involved in tasks such as IAS detection and monitoring or communication activities, and will integrate: a citizen science network on IAS in Gran Canaria (RedEXOS) and a pest/IAS early detection and volunteering network in Crete.

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.