"After-LIFE" Conservation Plan

Sustainability, Replication and Exploitation of Project Results

The sustainability of the main actions of the project will be ensured with the development of the After-LIFE Conservation Plan for at least 5 years after the end. This plan will be elaborated by GESPLAN before month 58, taking advantage of all the accumulated experience, so that it can be implemented from month 60 onwards. The document shall include details on the specific actions and methods to be continued in the long term, including time schedule and resources needed for their maintenance. The following list represents a preliminary set of actions to be incorporated into the plan, together with the responsible beneficiaries:

  • Governance Strategy (T.3.1): new regulatory updates, dynamisation of Working Groups and participatory networks (GOBCAN, GESPLAN, FPIRC and UoC). • Climate Change mitigation in target areas (T.3.2): basic fire risk prevention and long-term groundwater availability (CGC, GESPLAN, FPIRC and HSPN).
  • Palm-grove habitat restoration (T.3.3): forest management, control of hybridisation and maintenance of reforestation (CGC, GESPLAN, ULPGC, FPIRC, HSPN, UoC and HOMEOTECH, with the support of local administrations and participation networks).
  • Strategy for combating pests and plant IAS affecting habitat 9370* (T.3.4): prevention, early detection and control/eradication of pests and invasive plants (GOBCAN, CGC, GESPLAN, FPIRC, HSPN, UoC and HOMEOTECH, with the support of local administrations).
  • Ex-situ conservation (T.3.5): long-term maintenance of seed banks and production of endemic palms in both regions, allowing for further reforestation activities (CGC, GESPLAN, FPIRC and HSPN, with the support of local administrations).
  • Mitigation of direct anthropic impacts (overgrazing and visitor pressure) in Crete (T.3.6): maintenance of the Grazing Management Plan for at least 5 more years and of fences and visitor infrastructure in the long term (FPIRC, HSPN, UoC and HOMEOTECH, with the support of local administrations).
  • Networking with other projects and technical dissemination (T.6.1): interaction with other related projects, guided visits to the project areas and regular exchange of information in both countries (CGC, GESPLAN, ULPGC, FPIRC, UoC and HSPN).
  • Promotional and dissemination materials (T.6.2): will remain available in electronic format (as well as the project website) for at least 5 years after the end of the project (GESPLAN and FPIRC).

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.