Exploitation of project results

Sustainability, Replication and Exploitation of Project Results

The following activities are foreseen for this purpose:

  • International Days on Palm-grove Management: with an expected duration of 2-3 days, it will take place in Gran Canaria through the organisation of an international forum at the beginning of the second half of the project (month 32), with the aim of giving international visibility to LIFE Phoenix and promoting the exchange of experiences with other related projects.
  • Presentations of LIFE Phoenix in the framework of the Gran Canaria Forestry Conference: this event is organised every year in November in a coordinated way between the partners CGC and ULPGC, so it is expected to be able to present the objectives and results of the project at least twice.
  • Presentation of LIFE Phoenix at the Panhellenic Forestry Conference & International Workshop: this event is organised every two years by the Hellenic Forestry Society and is considered a good opportunity to present the objectives, actions and results of the project.
  • Presentation of LIFE Phoenix at the SEEA National Congress: event organised every two years by the Spanish Society of Applied Entomology (SEEA), where the latest technologies and approaches applicable to pest control are presented.
  • Presentation of LIFE Phoenix at the International Congress on the Zoogeography and Ecology of Greece and Adjacent Regions: organised every three years and with a tradition of 45 years, it is an important forum for the exchange of information between scientists in the region.
  • Presentation of LIFE Phoenix at HELECOS: event organised every two years by the Hellenic Ecological Society, with the participation of Greek and international scientists, thus it is a good opportunity to present the project and transfer its methodologies.
  • Ecotourism opportunities in the project areas: the natural palm groves represent environments with outstanding ecological, scenic and cultural values. It is foreseen to describe itineraries with existing trails and highlights to provide useful information to local communities, outdoor companies and NGOs on natural resources and heritage. A document will be produced with guidelines on ecotourism opportunities linked to the palm groves in each of the two regions.
  • Synergies with the future National Park in Gran Canaria: the area coinciding with the Güigüí SAC is currently being proposed for declaration as a National Park. Therefore, the results of LIFE Phoenix will contribute to promoting sustainable uses of the palm-grove within the future National Park.
  • Synergies with the Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA) in Greece: NECCA is the Greek government agency that implements the policies of the Ministry of Environment and Energy for the management of protected areas, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development actions and climate change mitigation.

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.