Networking with other projects and technical dissemination

Communication and Dissemination
  • Networking with other LIFE projects and/or other national/international projects: a preliminary list of related projects is available and will be updated and extended by all partners during the first months of the project, in order to initiate and maintain regular contacts with their coordinators. It should be noted that the pre-existing networks of the beneficiaries, together with those provided by the members of the Scientific Advisory Board, will contribute to increase the impact of the networking activities. Technical visits from other project teams will be encouraged throughout the development of LFE Phoenix and during the After-LIFE period in Gran Canaria and Crete.
  • Participation in national/international conferences and/or workshops: the project consortium will participate in national and international scientific and technical forums, apart from the International Conferences foreseen among the activities for the exploitation of results. Participation in at least 2 such international events is expected before the end of the project (see T.5.3).
  • Participation in official meetings of EUNOPS (European Network of Palm Tree Scientists): this is the main EU network of laboratories and research centres dedicated to palm tree research and management, with participation in numerous consortia and relevant events. EUNOPS organises annual meetings in different parts of the EU, one of which was held in Gran Canaria in 2016. The objectives and results of LIFE Phoenix will be presented at at least one of these meetings towards the final phase of the project.

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.