Promotional and dissemination materials

Communication and Dissemination
  • LIFE Phoenix web page: a dedicated project page will be created and incorporated into the website of the coordinating beneficiary (GESPLAN) by December 2023 (month 6). In order to increase its visibility, it will be linked to the websites of each partner in both countries. This page pursues a multipurpose objective: general information on the project, regular exchange of information between beneficiaries, as well as dissemination of technical documents (protocols and manuals) and promotional documents (brochures, posters, videos, infographics, educational material, participation in events, etc.). The website will be periodically updated with the progress and partial results obtained, and will remain active for at least another 5 years after the end of the project.
  • Information boards: up to 12 information boards with texts in Spanish, Greek and English will be placed in strategic and accessible locations in all the palm groves targeted in the project. The contents will include a summary of the project objectives, actions and expected results. The coordinating beneficiary will define the texts in collaboration with the other partners to reflect local needs and relevant linguistic adaptations.
  • Promotional materials: the support of the local population and relevant stakeholders will be essential to ensure the success and improve the final results of the project. In order to communicate the project objectives to a wide range of audiences, the following materials will be produced: 1-2 page leaflets (in English, Greek and Spanish; electronic format and 20,000 printed copies), T-shirts (2,500 units) and caps (2,500 units).
  • Educational materials on the palm-tree: materials will be developed for primary and secondary schools focusing on the ecological, socio-economic and cultural value of the palm-tree in their regional contexts. They will also include the objectives and expected results of LIFE Phoenix in relation to the problems and threats they face in both regions. The following materials in Greek and Spanish are envisaged: a 5-10 page sketchbook for primary education (electronic format and 6,000 printed copies); a 15-20 page exercise book for secondary education to be completed in teams (electronic format and 2,000 printed copies).
  • Short video: occasional recordings will be made in Crete and Gran Canaria of some milestones of the project in order to edit a short video (maximum 5 minutes), which can be used in public events during the second half of the project and in the After-LIFE period.

Action status

It reflects the percentage of work done since the beginning of the action.